How to Use the Tulip API

Let's say you want to send information from Tulip to one of your systems of record. How would you do it? What if you need to write shipment information directly into a table. Got an idea? Or maybe you have data stored in a table that you need to dynamically access in applications. Thoughts?

In all of these cases, the Tulip API is the right tool for the job.

The Tulip API is a powerful feature that lets you transact data between Tulip and external systems.

In this course, you'll learn how to configure and use the API, with a focus on simple calls from a 3rd party API client and using the API in apps.

This is an advanced course. It requires a thorough understanding of the Tulip platform (including tables, connectors, and triggers with expressions), as a well an understanding of API basics. If you're not an expert Tulip user or an API wizard, no worries. You can still learn a lot by following along, and I'll post resources to help you contextualize the course material along the way.

This course will take about an hour.